Essay Contest

Lithuanian-American Bar Association
2011 Essay Contest Rules

For Young Lawyers and Advanced Law Students

‘Current Legal Challenges in Lithuania’


Award:  US$ 750


1200-1500 words, not including footnotes
In English
Citations in footnotes (not endnotes)
Emailed in a MSWord document with a cover sheet to:

Topic:  ‘Current Legal Challenges in Lithuania.’ 

Open society is based on the rule of law.  What, if any, are the major obstacles to the rule of law in Lithuania today?  What challenges and impediments affect the smooth and orderly administration of justice in Lithuania?  Your essay should address a selected problem or challenge facing the legal system, explain why the issue was selected, analyze the causes of the problem and offer proposed solutions to the problem. The essays of finalists and the winner may be published by the Lithuanian American Bar Association.

Who could apply: Law students in their 3rd year or above and practicing lawyers licensed within the last 5 years.

Authorship: Each author must have performed all the key tasks of researching, writing, and revising the paper for himself or herself.  Translation may be professionally done.  Authors must be currently enrolled Lithuanian law students in good standing who have completed their third year or licensed attorneys who have been admitted to the bar for five years or less.

Purpose of Competition: The LABAS essay competition encourages legal scholarship by Lithuanian law students and young lawyers in order to foster a collegiate discussion of current legal issues affecting the rule of law in Lithuania.  Essays of the winner and finalists will be published by the Lithuanian-American Bar Association, Inc online or in a printed edition.

Deadline for Submissions Was: March 1, 2011

Award To Be Announced: By May 30, 2011

Complete and submit the contest Cover Sheet to accompany your submission that asks for your information:

1. Name

2. Address

3. Contact information

4. Students are to indicate where they are enrolled; lawyers are to provide the number of their license to practice law.

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